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Snow Report

Hello Baker Skiers and Snowboarders,

How about we take a little break from the current circumstances and take a moment to look back on what a fun and amazingly powder-filled winter 2019-2020 we got to experience at Baker this winter.

What was one of your favorite moments from this past winter; one that still makes you smile and gives you that feeling that only memories of being in the mountains can?

Maybe it was that powder day that turned up 18 new when it called for 8, or the day you lapped 5 so many times you lost count, or the color of the low winter light on Mt. Shuksan as you headed home, or maybe it was the smell of the Raven Hut fire on a cold day, or the smile of your friend or your kiddo as they linked their first turn, or. . . . . on and on.

It’s good to remember those times that remind us of what we have to look forward to.

It turns out that it wasn’t just your imagination. Once snow fell and we got out of the gate on a much anticipated December 15 opening day, it was game on! January was simply phenomenal. We ended up with 294 inches of snowfall in January alone which is the second highest month for snowfall e-v-e-r at Baker since our snowfall records began in 1970. It was second ONLY, and very close, to the world record month of February 1999, which had 303 inches. Wow. Truly one for the books and quite possibly a January of a lifetime. And it kept rolling.

Check out this snowfall chart. It’s something. These are the days of operation this winter with 6+ inches of snowfall.

Solid good pow days
38 days with 6+ inches
31 days with 8+ inches
Amazing pow days
22 days with 10+ new
17 days with 12+ new
12 days with 14+ new
Lucky if you got em’
10 days with 16+ new
7 days with 18+ new . . . .yes, 18 + new

Say no more category
5 days with 20+ new
2 days with 24 + new

Our operating season snowfall total when we were open was 570 inches - and this is just counting snowfall only on actual operation days, NOT snowfall pre-season or after we closed. The official end of snowfall season ends May 1st and we will see where the total for the winter season lands at that point.

We hope that this season provided you all with many good days and memorable experiences that will hold you over while we all ride out the current circumstances of the off season. As a small, locally owned ski area, we want to thank each of you who visited this winter for your business which has helped us remain financially solid throughout these very challenging times. The combination of planning and a good season has allowed us to be in a strong enough financial position that we can continue to provide paid time for our year round staff during the stay-at-home mandates. In addition, we will be able to continue to perform the important on-going maintenance that is necessary to maintain the chair lifts, lodges and infrastructure. We will also complete all the mandatory regulatory requirements, annual inspections and US Forest Service requirements that must be met prior to operation. We will be ready to drop in when snow flies again and the new season arrives.

While we all will be navigating uncharted territory in our day-to-day life and business over the next few months, we here at Baker are no strangers to conducting business under uncertain circumstances and challenging conditions. As we continue to adapt to the changing conditions we all face, we assure you our crew will be doing so by putting our collective experience, creativity, care for the community and passion for the place to work in anticipation that we all will be more than ready to return to the mountain that is part of our winter health and happiness.

Sam, Gwyn, Duncan, MikeOn behalf of all of us here at Baker, we thank you for another very memorable season and for your continued support of Mt. Baker. We wish you all good health through the summer months and will keep you posted as new information about next season develops. In the meantime, thanks to our friends at The Ski/Snowboarder's Journal for putting together a beautiful recap of the 2019-2020 season . . .we hope it helps tide you over till the lifts roll again.

Duncan, Gwyn, Mike and Sam

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